Replacement market or dominated intelligence door lock industry research and development is the key to win | |

by:Level      2020-07-17
At present, the large range of hardware industry, products, more serious polarization, emerging and traditional industry development of the whole industry is still in future industry value chain low-end, core technology and the industrial chain to ascend. In the future, replacement market or become hardware industry under a blue ocean, product research and development is the core of the enterprise to win. Hardware lock industry chain needs to upgrade research and development is the core arms wide hardware industry, product, more polarized serious, emerging and traditional industry development needs to establish perfect the industry chain of fluid. “ This requires enterprise continuous research and development, innovation, improve quality, improve technology, through its own promote upgrading of the industrial chain. ” Intelligent product research and development power points share market in recent years, the concept of smart home, but truly intelligent floor product. At present a lot of smart home products is just adding the function of network, not to the user's pain points, many are not convenient to operate and the actual utilization rate is very low. This is what the current smart home is one of the reasons for failed to sell. Intelligence lives in takong need to be intelligent security, intelligent door lock is the way of the smart home entrance, also is the core of intelligent security products. Intelligent security with a rich selection of home users group, obvious strong demand and the real pain points, the use of high frequency viscosity, it is not easily replace features, makes the intelligent detonated smart home security is expected to take the lead in the market. “ Safety is the basic needs of each family original, along with the implementation of the village wall down the policy, people's demand for intelligent security will become more robust. In the future, product research and development in the field of smart home is the point of winning hardware enterprise grab market share. Flow utilization in order to make the function of the intelligent door locks, smart phones and locks for unicom, all operations and reminders can be connected through the phone. No matter where you are, can time understand the family home via cell phone information, without power door lock, password input error, 5 times the thief pry the door, can receive SMS alerts the clouds, it is also a smart door lock for positioning & other Warmth & throughout; The reason why. Replacement market or dominate the development of the hardware industry development hardware industry by industry, the whole household building materials industry, and the triple effects of real estate industry. Based on the consideration of the above three aspects, the 10 - in the future 15 years, China's hardware is crucial to the replacement market positions. “ Stocks in the housing market is very big, the future for the construction of new homes will be reduced gradually, the secondary decoration and replace 4 - will be the new home decoration market 5 times. ”
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