Review 2018 popular smart home, the home use?

by:Level      2020-07-20
Intelligent household concept has deep into our modern life, more and more products added to the intelligence in the army, in the field of consumer electronics, we have already felt the dividends of intelligent hardware. Sweep the floor clean route for us cleaning robot can already be planning, the accuracy of intelligent machine translation can cope with the everyday spoken English communication, etc. , this is very smart. People often say 'smart change life', if your home is not intelligent household and semifinished product and what's the difference? In 2018, small make up to list the intelligent hardware this year, for your reference. Stone of the robot m home sweep robot online after harvest a lot of praise, the m home sweep robot team - Stone technology based on user feedback introduced upgraded version: stone sweeping robot. Major upgrade is to join the function of mop the floor, sweep the floor and then dragged on, basically don't need you to go to human health to clean up the house. Compared with the traditional robot brand sweeps the floor, stone of the robot is not only the advantages of price, can also with millet intelligent household linkage, such as you can on the little love classmate say a 'small love classmate, the sweeping robot'. Living area larger families, worth considering to obtain one. IRobot said 980 to sweep the floor robot, you have to mention iRobot. Do started with military and security robot iRobot when sweeping robot just rise became synonymous with this field. IRobot 980 core competitiveness is carrying their own patent vSLAM visual processing technology, combined with scenario planning type navigation system, to create the map visualization landmarks, can clearly know the current machine the location where, what place is clean and not clean. Netease youdao translation egg large volume, super long standby, twelve languages, built-in translation youdao neural network, such a small cute translator when the egg is very suitable for travel abroad as your portable translator, compared with other similar competing goods, the translation egg price 699 yuan, or a high cost performance. Compared with the mobile phone, translation eggs or to use big voice, also need not worry about other people in the street to hear, is the way the artifact. Intelligent household intelligent lock lock 'star' products, it is used with high strength, light weight, strong corrosion resistance of titanium alloy material, it is important to use the simple sense of the titanium alloy material gloss is unparalleled. Intelligent lock has five unlock way, multiple unlock multiple safeguards. Intelligent lock and passed the certification of the Chinese type of fire prevention and the European CE, FCC, UL certification of fire prevention in the United States, also has the double drilling manganese steel panel ( Level 5 drilling, pry proof) Relatively trustworthy, quality. At the same time, the intelligent lock high quality after-sale services, more conducive to the maintenance of long-term, stable security for the whole family. Play guest guest cloud cloud is thunderbolt after ALL chain blocks in a smart hardware, play after guest cloud private cloud disk online jingdong, are almost seconds quickly sold out, after the raise, is also a need for booking. Play guest cloud important functions, of course, is not individual NAS, but get players COINS, can be said to be the only designated official 'mining machine'. In addition to the above five products, there are many excellent products on the market, gave us deep impression of the product. New arrival in 2018, as the user of which product you buy again, how they behave, which you are looking forward to better product? We believe that every product has a reason is like.
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