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by:Level      2020-07-01
Fingerprint lock product sales rise year by year, many investors see the fingerprint lock to join investment projects, due to the market demand is big, profitable and has opened the shop. As a professional sales personnel, excellent fingerprint lock industry, must have enough trust and confidence of product, complete product knowledge, competitive product knowledge and enterprise knowledge, basic knowledge, fingerprint lock and highlight of product excavation is also indispensable. 1, the service life of the lock you? Answer: our fingerprint lock use imported high-performance motor, open more smooth, stable performance is greatly improved, the service life of the standard is as high as more than 700000 times, mechanical part is better, lock body are all meet the technical requirements of the Ministry of Public Security, mechanical linkage problems probability is very low, so we service life of the lock does not exist, you can always use own to buy their own homes. 2, because often finger contact using fingerprint door lock, fingerprint acquisition will happen on the surface of the wear of the head? A: don't influence! Our fingerprints window adopts clamshell design, effectively prevent the dust, direct sunlight fingerprint head, improve product stability and greatly improves the life span of the product to avoid fingerprints head rapidly aging, make the product recognition, boomed from lower false rate, fingerprint identification is more efficient. 3, the lock is made of what material? A: zinc alloy, 304 stainless steel material. The lock tongue is stainless steel, the lock shell for 202 stainless steel has better strength and toughness. 4, there will be no other prints fingerprints are the same with me, can I open the lock? A: no. Each person's fingerprints are different in the world, is the same person ten fingerprint is different also, fingerprint is unique, belongs to the biological characteristics. 5, register finger scratched? Can also open the door? A: if it is a minor scratch it doesn't matter, you can also open the door. Seventh generation fingerprint autofocus identification technology, fingerprint texture after focus more clearly, and then several different methods for comparison, the children grow up, finger injury, can crack, dirty fingers can quickly identify. 6 how many fingerprint, a lock can be stored? How to manage? A: the door USES hierarchical authority management, safety/easy/fast. Fingerprint total capacity of 175, 120 user ID, user ID can be set + password 'fingerprint' combination to open the door. 7, if you don't take the key at ordinary times, this lock is broken into one thousand not to do? A: we have this lock for the three methods to open the door, fingerprint, password and keys. One thousand fingerprints off the can also use password and emergency key. The fingerprint and password are independent of CPU, the possibility of broken tiny at the same time, the linkage of the mechanical key thing without man-made destruction is absolutely not a problem. 。 。 8, the battery can use how long? To no electricity? Answer: the family use general can use a year or so. It has a low pressure alarm functions, in addition, part of the model provided with emergency power door lock interface, under the low battery remind, not replace the battery in time, available emergency start 9 v square battery, don't need to distinguish between positive and negative polarity 9, since it is electronic door lock, why use mechanical keys, so safe? A: this is the Ministry of Public Security provisions of the state of our domestic listed electronic lock must be equipped with mechanical key. National requirements must be equipped with mechanical key main also consider from a security perspective. For example, when a fire emergency, such as a mechanical key is safe. So security is relatively safe. 10, your product price is quite high, but where? A: the price of our products on the market really only belongs to the normal price, not the highest. Also a fingerprint lock with automatic slide, ( Peer brand) , the market sells more than 8000, only one-third of us, but our products in both the design concept, exterior modelling, surface treatment, lock core technology, step motor technology, are better than similar products have absolute advantage. The most important thing is to rest assured to buy things, want to have quality assurance, after-sales service guarantee, etc. , I think that you will not be vague in this respect. Besides, fingerprint lock is to belong to high-tech products, it is used to lock the door, safe, if you buy no guarantee fingerprint lock will bring you a lot of trouble. You buy a fingerprint lock there are three methods to open the door, can choose a fingerprint to open the door, also can choose a password to open the door, you can also select the key to open the door. A lock is equal to spend money to buy the three lock function. 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