Romantic Tanabata, guard you lock love!

by:Level      2020-08-12
The annual Chinese traditional Chinese festival is coming. As a traditional festival began in the han dynasty, Chinese represents a broad and profound Chinese culture at the same time, and also showed people yearning for a better love, to cherish the people and objects of the guardian. So throughout ancient and modern Chinese valentine's day gift, the hair clasp, knot, bracelet, sweet bursa, earth, ring, etc. , are all associated with good intentions. As the most precious you, of course, we also hope to you firmly 'lock', and will bring you peace of mind and security! On August 17, the lunar seventh day, a happy holiday - — Chinese valentine's day. As the second half of this year only valentine's day, this day, for you to ta, for your relationship, are all important. In the day of romance, in what way to express love, believe that can let each other leave unforgettable experience. A movie a candlelight dinner must have, at ordinary times is gooey ears sweet words cannot little, of course, also have conveyed the warm heart gift. A bunch of flowers, a jewelry, a clothes, will be forgotten. But it is not the same as intelligent lock, open the door closed every day moment remind you, this is his ( She) My love for you. Get rid of the shackles of keys, with cloud towards intelligent life time. A smart lock, AnAnQuanQuan locks in the meaning of TA lock is 'to protect precious things', that is what we want to focus on the cloud you wish: only safe, rest assured lock, can make family the best guardian, only smart lock, science and technology, is the most considerate care. Cloud intelligent lock adopts intelligent management system, a variety of open the door, safeguard. Love TA, TA a digi intelligent lock. A smart lock, beautifully and tied TA Chinese valentine's day, represents the romantic, however, the most romantic thing is long and a lasting relationship. Let cloud intelligent lock into guardian of love, since the Chinese valentine's day 'lock' prison guard your love, your family, forever, together with forever.
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