Room control system what are the unique advantages _ room control system

by:Level      2020-08-08

guest room control system because of its feature-rich, to provide an interface with the hotel management system, has become an integral part of high-end hotels and other comprehensive intellectualized. High quality of guest room control system notice to resident's personal property security, is committed to the update and improvement of the management control system itself. So do you have any unique advantages such guest room control system?

1。 High-performance

ranking data according to the relevant hotel room control system: resident for guest room demand is higher, humanization and interest when guest open the door, induction corridor lamp automatic, broadcast welcome in music at the same time; The power, insert the room card when the room lights from the door to the room in turn light, shade curtain open automatically, in temperature control system into the state, make the guest feel at home. Guest room control system, moreover, innovation of information gathering function can help the hotel timely statistics a certain period of time, such as month, quarter within the room occupancy rate, the basic data, such as electricity consumption per capita to effective information statistics to hotel management.


good word-of-mouth about guest room control system which public praise good questions, investigates the intelligent control system mainly from the rooms, guest room control system, intelligent lighting control, air-conditioning control, broadcasting, security, service control and management functions in an organic whole, the scientific management idea and advanced management method of combining, help the management and service personnel in attendance during the running period of occupancy of a large number of dynamic, complex, timely and accurate data and information analysis, and gives some management scientific, convenient and energy saving management.

3。 Higher safety index

trustworthy guest room control system with the infrared induction: toilet by infrared detector control lights, detect someone opened automatically when the light and exhaust fan, detect empty automatically shut off lights and exhaust fan. If the guest accidents need, can press the SOS emergency switch, lamp house 'emergency call' ablaze, guest room control system alarm. If meet fire, unfortunately management manually or automatically start all guest room voice box of a fire alarm.

often see news to push some hidden trouble in security of hotel rooms, makes always feel nervous when check-in, like fifteen buckets to draw water so anxious. Guest room control system good compatibility, high safety index, effective solution to such problems, let people live comfortable rest assured. With the constant improvement of guest room control system, will attract more and more people try to live or alternative life experience.

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