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by:Level      2020-08-06

exterior and interior trim is used to distinguish the hotel before class, with the improvement of safety consciousness whether hotel room' target='_blank'>intelligent lock installed were divided as the standard. Due to the guest room intelligent optional lock variety of models, so many hotels charge in choice of time can be said to be the edition. So how rooms intelligent lock pick a room, intelligent lock choice to meet what condition?

a, want to accord with the requirement of energy conservation and environmental protection

a mature operating system perfect hotel or inn, in order to meet the demand of the hotel daily traffic, will be the number of rooms, design from each guest rooms need to install the rooms intelligent lock, if these intelligent lock enabled at the same time, for the hotel daily power consumption will increase exponentially. The increase of power consumption for hotel is to increase operating costs, so hotel rooms intelligent lock in the choice will be given this situation, the influence of it is explained the selection of guest room intelligent lock should satisfy the condition of energy conservation and environmental protection.

2, safety performance is better

hotel and the hotel can be seen as many people gathered place, accommodation of the guests in this kind of workplace safety is need hotel to guarantee. Rooms intelligent lock installation is from the external conditions to guarantee the safety of the guest, but as for the potential factors of guest room of the intelligent lock safety performance is good, can effectively avoid because of electric power system configuration is not reasonable and the occurrence of safety accidents such as fires, is for the guest's internal security. So the room choice to satisfy the safety performance of intelligent lock good conditions. Three, better quality

rooms intelligent lock installation process is relatively complex, the hotel is naturally hope after a installation can be long-term use. If the intelligent lock quality is not good enough, then after a period of time of use will appear a variety of quality problems, the maintenance personnel to have to constantly engaged repair, which requires spent a lot of maintenance costs. So want to buy hotel rooms intelligent lock can have good quality.

the continuous development of science and technology is also the possibility for innovation room intelligent lock, but whatever technology improvement, the hotel when buying choice room intelligent lock still hope it can satisfy the requirement of energy conservation and environmental protection, can satisfy the safety performance is good condition and have a good quality. Besides have expectation on its own, also hope rooms intelligent lock sell the company's after-sales service is good.

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