Tell you: questions about electronic password fingerprint lock without electricity

by:Level      2020-07-27
At present, the smart door lock power consumption is communication, because the user mobile phone if you want to keep connection with electronic password fingerprint lock time, must make the door lock is always in a state of constant communication, so the natural accelerated consumption power. Of course, motor driver, standby, enter the password, screen and so on also in electricity. What is electronic password fingerprint lock? Smart door lock is different from traditional mechanical locks, smarter in terms of user identification, security, manageability of locks, mainly include electronic password fingerprint locks, electronic combination lock, electronic lock, remote control lock type induction lock, networking. To put it bluntly, electronic password fingerprint locks and mechanical locks the difference is that the former has a fingerprint, a processor and a wireless connection module, motor module and other electronic components, and the latter is not; So electronic password fingerprint lock need electricity to drive, and the mechanical lock don't need. Since need electric drive, that will involve the issue of power consumption. As a result, many users to worry about: electronic password fingerprint lock is power off? Will be in the room? In theory, no electricity won't be home there is a risk. But as long as meet the national industry standard electronic password fingerprint lock, basically will not be rejected because of the batteries. In the GA - 701 2007 fingerprint anti-theft lock general technical conditions ', to the electronic password battery and power consumption of fingerprint lock put forward strict requirements: the working current of the battery should be no greater than 500 ma, in A dormant state working current should be not more than 50 mu, battery capacity can guarantee normal opening and closing lock with 3000 times without the under-voltage alarm directives, when the under-voltage alarm directives, still should be able to guarantee the normal opening and closing operation of not less than 50 times. The diagram below: such as the GA374 - Requirements in the standard '2001 electronic anti-theft lock, electronic lock mechanical keyhole, must set aside for a rainy day. Of course of the electronic password lock, 90% of users choose not to bring the key, because the key is lost or forgot to take my defects, but in order to prevent one thousand, recommend that users in the office, car, or reserve a emergency key in my bag. In accordance with the above standard, let's do a simple arithmetic. According to the requirements of standard electronic password fingerprint lock battery capacity can guarantee the normal opening and closing 3000 times, calculate by opening and closing 10 times a day, 300 days available, has 10 months. It seems that a qualified electronic password fingerprint lock only need to change the battery once or twice a year. Even if users receive battery under-voltage alarm indication, still can continue to use 50 times. So as long as the standard electronic fingerprint lock password, the user can do not have to worry about electronic password fingerprint lock without electricity and rejected. As a result, users in the electronic password lock, fingerprint of choose and buy high first choose well-known, reputable brand; Secondly not covet is cheap, buy price is lower than the industry level of electronic password fingerprint lock, price is in 3000 yuan of choose and buy electronic password fingerprint lock; Again to see whether the electronic password fingerprint lock by the Ministry of Public Security testing center of detection and see what its execution standard. And at present, in addition to most electronic password fingerprint lock has early warning function with battery power consumption, and can be accessed by all mobile phone text messages, voice alert users to replace the battery in time, in the form of some enterprises in order to be exempted from the user to the electronic password concerns the power consumption of fingerprint lock, with the hand hold hand power electronic password fingerprint lock, under the condition of the battery runs out, just a couple of shakes hand can fingerprint for the electronic password lock, thereby open locks. Compared conclusion: smart door lock locks the advantage of traditional security guard against theft and forgot to take my keys, so the electronic password fingerprint locks don't have electricity also don't be afraid, as long as we don't choose a low price, is not in conformity with the relevant national standards of electronic password, fingerprint lock is used, it will not be rejected.
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