The advantage of intelligent hotel system

by:Level      2020-08-11

hotel intelligent system to adapt to the development of the society, to meet people's growing demand. In the future, intelligent hotel system will be adopted by more and more star hotel, thanks to its powerful control system, the hotel's management efficiency will be improved significantly, the customer's living experience will get further improvement.

first of all, intelligent hotel and traditional hotel the biggest difference is that it is set at the front desk, when the guest check-in, can be dealt with on a self-service check-in machine the entire self-help. Users only need to use the App to scan the self-service machine in dealing with qr code ( Or enter the order number, in view of the previously scheduled user) , read id information, arouse the face recognition, witness than checking synchronization to hotel management system, obtain the room number and room unlock password, after successful validation completed the check-in, the whole process is less than 1 minute. This greatly improve the efficiency of the guest check in to deal with, make the guest to reduce waiting time, especially when traffic is bigger, even more so.

second, hotel room service management is mainly to understand the guest's routines and time, realize the shadow service, in order to reduce the labor intensity of the guest complaints and waiters. Intelligent hotel and the status, system can automatically collect guest room occupancy rate, service information and other related records, service personnel can through the accurate and real-time information system for daily cleaning rooms, effectively improve the work efficiency and timely response to the guest service, greatly reduce the cost of guest room management. The guest's living experience also can become better, improve customer satisfaction.

in addition, the networked intelligent hotel system can accurately locate the guest's personal, property and service request, to provide more timely and effective response and records, it also helps provide hotel brand effect in itself.

smart hotel system still has a lot of a lot of, the advantages of above list only a few, a crush was enough for the hotel. Technological progress is always in the liberation of people's hands, to help people get more high-quality experience.

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