The advantage of sauna lock

by:Level      2020-08-04
Sauna lock the advantage of a manager, using card, card, open card and service card, the guest card management mode 1. Card can be authorized manager card, a card, the waiter card; The manager card authorization guest card. Sauna lock without configuration any card can install the debugging cupboard door, convenient carpentry installation, in case the cabinet lock card into the cabinet, after debugging BuKa cabinet problems, to install the master trival, delay the time limit for a project. 2. Sauna lock can implement double card with single card lock mode, only the configuration service card cupboard door can realize the function of double open the door, the waiter card and guest card and open the door, The double card to open the door) , security, clear, clear. Again, no configuration waiter card, only configure the guest card is a card to open the door. Second, the security in safety, we particular set open card to open the door, open card can only be cabinet, don't you can configure the card, only allow a guest card, won't appear two guest card to open a cupboard. Third, sauna lock lock lock core adopted four batteries. Lock: 1 # lock ( Since the elastic wave lever type) Type, 2 # god shrinkage lock core, 3 # lock core ( The new play lock) , 4 # lock ( Hand cabinet lock, cigarette case size) , 5 # lock ( Office glass lock, narrow size) ; Specific physical see look four, lock brand style lock site USES the laser printing technology, according to the customer's demand to print the name of the independent LOGO, customized print on the lock brand. More than five, one cartoon CARDS are made of high-quality ID card can waterproof, moistureproof, prevent high temperature, corrosion resistance, etc. , convenient for large swimming pool, gym, beauty salon, sauna hall, sports, golf courses, large entertainment venues. Sauna lock popularity of 1, convenience: a. Sauna lock difference from general mechanical lock, with automatic induction locking system, he will automatically sensing the door is closed, the system will automatically locked. Sauna lock by fingerprint, touch screen, open the door. b。 Fingerprint lock in commonly used password/function such as fingerprint registration is not convenient, especially the elderly and children, when using individual intelligent lock, can open its unique voice prompt function, let the user operation more simple and easy to understand. 2, security: a. General fingerprint combination lock with password leaked danger. Recent sauna also has the function of virtual a password lock, or behind or in front of the registered password, you can enter any number as a password, effectively prevent registration password leak, and also can open the door. b。 Under the common security environment, general open means cannot ensure enough safety door lock handle, can easily drill holes from outside to open the door with the wire turned the handle again. Many sauna lock, with patented technology protection is set in the handle of the interior of increased safety handle button, need to hold down the button to turn the handle to open door, safety handle with the use of more secure environment. ( According to the demand at the same time, through a simple operation, this function can be selectively Settings. ) c。 Recent intelligent lock hands touching the screen will automatically display, 3 minutes automatically locked. Whether a password is set, the door is open or closed, registration card number, password or door and battery replacement tips, the lock tongue blocking warned that in low voltage, etc. , were showed on the screen, the intelligent control. 3, the security guard: the latest sauna lock is different from the past 'first open again scanning way, scanning mode is very simple, put his fingers in the screening of top-down above the scan can, without the finger in the scanning, scanning way more reduce the fingerprint residue, greatly reduce the possibility of a fingerprint is copied, exclusive to safety. 4, creativity: the appearance of the traditional mechanical lock people to it without special care. Sauna lock not only from the appearance of the design is suitable for the taste of people, and even created a smart feel like apple smart locks. Intelligent locks listed on the stock market has quietly. 5, interactive, intelligent locks built-in embedded processors and the wisdom to monitor such as get into ah, have any time between the tenant and interaction ability, visitors can take the initiative to report on the day of the TV. Another aspect of the tenant can even remote control card key to open the door for the visiting guests
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