The cause of intelligent lock low penetration

by:Level      2020-08-05
For intelligent lock penetration problem is we have been discussing, including some time ago have data, said China's smart lock penetration is less than the overseas countries, products in the Chinese market today is full of beautiful things in eyes, and there are a lot of new science and technology the Internet company send old lock brands are all intelligent lock market, but on the market at present is still a big gap and the rising space. For the problem really is, however, for what reason? Why will appear this kind of circumstance, is washed after weight big ways. 1, is rooted in consumer psychology, practical more consumers and the penetration of natural growth. Second question is why consumers don't buy, this is the fundamental problem. A, imperfect standard: the intelligent lock industry standard in China now is released in 2001 on the implementation of GA - 374 2001, calculate combined have more than ten years, obviously difficult to adapt to the development of the market, and Chinese security doors standard is also exist in the larger defects, such as lock hole size, installation location is no unified specifications, all lead to appear a variety of specifications of the products on the market, it is difficult to their installation for our consumers, while Europe and the United States have a perfect and strict related standard, all have uniform size, lock, lock body, and so on related rules, so the compatibility between different locks brand is very high, it still need locks domestic enterprises to work together, and pushed for the improvement of the relevant national standards. Second, the Chinese locks still lack of spirit of enterprise: at present all over the world are talking about the spirit, however, Chinese enterprises the spirit of craftsman in so-called usually boost saliva, splashed out on some ornament some flashy halo, but it is not easy to squeeze out a few drops of hot pillow. We all know that the German spirit is rigorous, keep improving and pragmatism as the connotation. While China locks enterprises lack such rigorous, artisans of the spirit of excellence and use. Many locks enterprises even with low-quality low-cost competitive advantage to compete for the market. All locks enterprise in China to make intelligent lock products, spirit is of less than not. Three focus, foreign enterprises, the domestic enterprises like diversification: in foreign enterprises only focus on an industry, or even hundreds of years of enterprises are also so, Chinese enterprises are not, however, Chinese companies once after a certain amount of capital and accumulation, the diversified development, always thinking about thinking about how to market, all locks at many China enterprises focus on intelligent lock industry is not much, sideline production is a lot of general intelligent lock locks enterprises in China not only production, also from catering, real estate and financial industries, all difficult to focus on the commonly, achieve excellence. 4, Chinese locks enterprises lack of innovative spirit: in fact foreign fingerprint lock precipitation in the industry, development and market popularity form is column is better than China, is in many ways China lock brands of teachers, for domestic locks brand imitation study, such as design and so on. China fingerprint lock appearance has been a constant progress, and now the modern style also can let consumers to accept more, like it. To sum up the Chinese smart locks the market potential is very large, and intelligent lock manufacturing enterprises has its advantages. Including price and security and functional aspects are advantages in foreign brands. Now the Chinese market or the said product lacks is the experience of the consumer, as long as the true understanding and recognised by the consumers.
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