The cause of the hotel smart door lock was warmly welcomed by the hotel industry _ hotel smart door lock

by:Level      2020-08-06

mainland China hotel industry's very fierce competition, the competition in the hotel software and hardware facilities are everywhere, so for users often need to intend to invest hotel in the hotel in decorating a process requires attention to a lot of details, to ensure that after opening the hotel there is a big advantage in the market. Hotel smart door lock can perfect show high grade and quality of the hotel, so also is many hotels when decorating, more focus on products. As an important part in the competition of hotel smart door lock what are the cause of the popular among hotel industry?

a, optional strong reason

the content value is of rich hotel smart door lock products category, basically covers large the use requirements of small and medium-sized all kinds of hotel, under normal circumstances often use a large hotel hotel smart door lock products, unified management system for small and medium-sized economy hotel, also can choose the cheap and fine when using smart door lock products used alone, the greatly strengthened selectivity to different class hotels will be able to find products.

2, the reason of price space is large with known as

although hotel smart door lock but different specification different class of the price of this product also has a great difference, the supporting the central management system can through mobile phone APP to open and smart door lock with wireless connection functions of price is very expensive, but for lack of economic capacity of small and medium-sized hotel also has the function of the market at present is relatively simple but cheaper smart door lock to choose from, it is also a great price space hotel smart door lock products can be widely used in various types of hotel of the real reason.

2, reliability, better reasons for

at the traditional hotel industry usually need to use the magnetic card and key for room open, this kind of rely on hardware to open the door, often happens during the guest card or key leakage problems, make a lot of guests feel offended the guest compensation claims, and to take a loss would bring hotel cost pressure, and high quality hotel smart door lock hardware without the door to open completely, in use this hotel smart door lock has better reliability.

now hotel smart door lock are standard in all levels of the hotel facilities, the popularity of this product for hotel operations management has brought great convenience. Product line rich hotel smart door lock not only has a variety of products with strong selectivity, large fluctuations in prices on the space at the same time also give hotel operators can according to their own economic condition equipped with different specifications of the products, in addition the high security of intelligent door locks in be used actually also has better reliability.

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