The choose and buy of fingerprint anti-theft locks, need to know from what respect? | |

by:Level      2020-07-11
The choose and buy of fingerprint anti-theft locks, need to know from what respect? 1. Practical convenient, practical is the absolute principle, the fingerprint anti-theft door locks the main function is the fingerprint identification, the stability of the fingerprint identification is. Now brands, saying that many functional characteristics, important is convenient, the function and stable relevance, now a lot of features no unified standard, but as the purchaser, to understand their needs. 2. Stability is an important indicator of fingerprint anti-theft door lock usually takes more than a year after the actual use could feel the steady performance. Consumer is when the choose and buy good choice of the main manufacturer of electronic electronic lock. Such companies generally have a better development, production experience, perfect quality system, is to ensure good stability factors of product. 3. Security installation fingerprint anti-theft locks, shall not affect the function of guard against theft. There is no obvious safety concerns the locks. 4. General should apply most of the domestic security doors ( Conform to the 2008 edition of national standard of security door) , replace the original door locks, refitting work should be as little as possible. Good fingerprint anti-theft lock installation time should be no more than 30 minutes. Otherwise, the user generally difficult to complete the installation and maintenance. General design well, also can effectively reduce the dealer inventories. 5. Intelligent to add and remove operations, should be very simple, users don't need too much memory the password and code. Good fingerprint security locks with menu display system, user operation more convenient. 6. Functional select lock function, on the one hand is to meet the needs of their pragmatic function, on the other hand is also in the quality of the selected lock, inseparable from the quality and the quality of the enterprise system. A good enterprise, including more than often there will be no less than 3 fingerprint security locks users can choose any one. Users tend to choose to use their own products: there are used in door, divided into metal door and wooden door, with users of the chamber door, common to the wooden door, also used for villa front door and so on. All rights reserved: Please refer to the original, reproduced)
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