The choose and buy of fingerprint lock key

by:Level      2020-07-08
With the continuous development of smart home, intelligent product more and more into people's lives, especially to key lock, intelligent security fingerprint lock, for home users, generally know only a few brands, buy a can usually intelligent switches, intelligent lamps and lanterns, fingerprint lock of complete sets of products to buy. But users may not know, the fingerprint lock in the smart home and in their daily life plays a vital role, the choose and buy of it security is critical for family, but now on the market, the fingerprint lock brand, quality good and evil people mixed up, even the big brands, its different types of products will have different advantages and disadvantages, so we need before the choose and buy of fingerprint locks have a basic understanding of, shop around, can I buy for myself, good fingerprint lock. 1, the whole lock weight decision quality factor is directly affecting the quality of fingerprint lock material used. Fingerprint lock appearance may have about the same, but it is not the same material, the lock body shell commonly used with a plastic material, plastic + alloy, steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, copper. Due to pure copper lock body shell cost is high, the process is extremely complex, common market is relatively rare, kaidi mastered the superb technology, a year can only make the hundred limited, average household can choose other material more cost-effective. Analysis: if customers want to corrosion resistant, anti violence fingerprint lock, suggested that zinc alloy material + stainless steel lock body appearance of choose and buy of smart locks, generally such lock the lock can achieve 5 - weight 7公斤。 Nowadays some Korean brands on the market using lock or mold shell, the lock is very light weight, not only wear-resisting, corrosion resistance, is extremely easy to destroyed by violence. 2, decided to use a fingerprint sensor type is convenient and safety since we buy is fingerprint lock, then & other; Fingerprint & throughout; Nature is an important part of a complete set of locks, we therefore equipped with good fingerprint sensor, can be a good fingerprint lock. At present, the existing sensors on the market basically has two categories, optical sensors and semiconductor sensor. Analysis: the principle of optical fingerprint sensor is mainly the principle of optical photography and reflection, its advantage is antistatic ability is strong, the product cost is low, but could not be living fingerprint identification, poor applicability of dry wet finger. Semiconductor fingerprint sensor is mainly by using the principle of capacitance, electric field, temperature and pressure of the fingerprint image acquisition, with functions of living fingerprint identification, forged fingerprint silicone or gelatine is commonly used in insulation materials, such as can't imaging on semiconductor fingerprint sensors, so make fake fingerprints useless, so expensive chip cost is high, but the security is high. Total but they speak of each have each advantages and disadvantages, but the average family with lock we still recommend semiconductor fingerprint sensor, after all, safety performance is higher, Katie shi household fingerprint locks are using semiconductor fingerprint sensor, can be at ease to choose. 3, lock body type lock anti-theft performance of the lock body is one part of the lock, lock body, there are many common ChanXiangSuo body, four to three to the lock body, lock body, etc. According to the material, generally speaking, there are stainless steel lock body, cable lock body and brass lock body; According to the function points, have regular lock body, H5 lock body and the lock on the body, etc. Analysis: select lock body first to match your home security doors, different security doors matching different lock body; Then choose ok, 304 stainless steel is the right choice of cost-effective; Lock body close points, the more the safety lock points between frame and door leaf, a, b, c, d level security doors should not less than 12, 10, 8 and 6, Katie is far higher than the same industry level, can reach 15. 4, level decided to lock anti-theft lock core coefficient in the national standard, and locks into A level two types of locks, lock and class B, and folk call is more, have class A, class B, class C lock lock lock, etc. , the actual superior belongs to B class lock, also are classified according to level of anti-theft lock core, this is the provisions of the state. The Ministry of Public Security and has called on citizens to pair the grade A in the home to change the lock upgrade, after all the safety coefficient is very low, there is no security sense. Analysis: although class B and class C B belong to the provisions of the state, but the safety performance difference is very big, from the technical analysis, B class lock: prevent technical open time not less than five minutes, class C lock to prevent technical open time not less than 270 minutes, five minutes and 270 minutes are not cross the gap, we for home security, natural level should choose C lock of fingerprint lock.
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