The common failure analysis (hotel door lock 1)

by:Level      2020-07-24
Hotel door locks in use process, often encounter some problems, if don't understand, is difficult to analyze its causes, there are some themselves can solve, don't have to look after. The following hotel door lock manufacturers analyze some common problems. 1. Hotel door lock with valid card to open the door, and there is no sound and light, the reason may be that locks the battery is low; Or the power supply circuit board failure. 2. Two hotel door lock with guests card can open the door, a possible reason as a result of the two hotel door lock to brush the same room number, room number set card, need to the corresponding room number, room number set card; , set when the other one is in a card on many function, only need to send guests card and cancel this function. 3. With the door card to open the hotel door lock, bright blue light, there are a short sound, but can't open the door, the reason may be that the inside of the lock body motor component has been damaged, need to change the lock body or motor components; Also may be the damage of circuit board, need to change circuit board, and then reset the lock information.
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