The development of fingerprint lock or without safe and durable

by:Level      2020-07-08
With the growing popularity of the fingerprint lock, fingerprint door lock manufacturers also began to increase, the fingerprint lock market competition has been increased. In order to be able to in the huge potential for development of intelligent lock market, many vendors racking their brains on fingerprint lock function, the conception, so the fingerprint lock function on market often multifarious, in the traditional fingerprint, password and keys above plus the card, remote control, mobile phone APP, bluetooth, and other functions, give a person a kind of feeling to be more advanced function is better. But the merchants in imperceptible in into the trap, fingerprint lock is safe and durable. Function is not necessarily better, the more the more advanced does not necessarily good, if the lock is broken, with only a few months just will be opened to the thief, so what is the use? For us ordinary consumers, in addition to the easy to use, the main functions of the fingerprint lock is just open the door closed, to ensure the safety of the family. Based on the requirements, the work and the durability of fingerprint lock shall be above the function. As a kind of long-term use of the products, fingerprint lock, first of all, should have is durability. No one is installed a fingerprint lock today, tomorrow, thinking of change another one, to effort. Fingerprint lock durability as well as the guarantee for home security. And to ensure the durability of fingerprint lock, first has exquisite manufacturing materials. Fingerprint lock of material on the market today is uneven, durable degree also vary. In numerous lock material, zinc alloy and stainless steel is more durable material. Easy to zinc alloy casting processing, electroplating, spray, spray paint can be performed, polishing, grinding, surface treatment, such as convenient and appearance design, more fashion sense, and has the very good room temperature mechanical properties and wear resistance. And the intensity of the stainless steel is good, strong corrosion resistance, good stability, color is better lock materials, downside is that the materials of surface treatment of stainless steel is not so convenient, zinc alloy shape design is not so beautiful zinc alloy. Some manufacturers through fine processing, made of stainless steel lock tongue tolerance can reach more than 6000 n. Such tolerance on the actual use can prevent the deformation caused by human use, it is also a businessman promotion of pry proof put the bag on the market opening function, greatly improving the fingerprint lock service life and safety.
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