The difference between household intelligent locks and apartment intelligent lock

by:Level      2020-07-25
Apartment intelligence compared with household intelligent door locks, lock the popularization of higher, and the price of the apartment intelligence lock is relatively low, between the two, what are the differences? 1. For different object. Household intelligent locks in the face of most of them are family households, demand is low, although there is also a project, but relatively few. Apartment intelligence lock can be rent, school, apartment, etc, orders for an average of around one hundred. 2. Is not the same as the functional requirements. Household intelligent door locks with different requirements of users, so there are more open means features such as: fingerprints, password, keys, credit card, mobile phone APP, WeChat small program, remote control, such as a variety of functions can be selected as required; Apartment intelligence lock is different, need to manage the cause of the convenient, basically only a credit card, password, key, most of the apartment without fingerprints, so its price is low. 3. Appearance. Home smart door lock is more, hand type can be divided into slide, and push-pull type of semi-automatic and fully automatic, etc. , how different shape, and the larger; And apartment intelligence lock is no slide hold hand type, because of less functional reasons, the lock size is small, the materials cost is low.
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