The difference between the electronic locks and household intelligent door locks for the hotel

by:Level      2020-07-24
Hotel electronic door lock is part of the electronic door lock series products, he has the different demand, with home smart door lock demand to open the door to demand a variety of household intelligent locks the door means to coexist, such as fingerprint/password/credit card/networking/mechanical key five options open; Electronic door lock and hotel requires a single or small open mode selection, such as open, as long as the credit card/key so that on the one hand, is conducive to the realization of the hotel management, on the other hand the guest open is convenient. Hotel locks from the initial development to the present electronic door lock, mechanical lock again by the electronic lock again with hotel management, form the system of the hotel network, is developing rapidly, especially the emergence of electronic locks, grows more rapidly. Mixed hotel brand electronic lock industry, most containing certain moisture in terms of quality and after-sales. Choice have everywhere have branches and offices, so after-sale with the, reduce failure in the business hotel, such as one thousand defective without after-sale team timely on-site maintenance. Hotel electronic door lock is take the brand route, quality, in a big brand in the industry. There are hundreds of dealers, after-sale in place very much.
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