The difference between the sauna lock stainless steel and zinc alloy material

by:Level      2020-08-11
With the progress of era, the development of science and technology more and more halfback, sauna lock design more and more, relative to the material is diverse, with plastic material, zinc alloy material, aluminum alloy material, stainless steel material, and so on. Cloud intelligent technology will not be on a regular basis to purchase our products customers after-sales service, has carried on the corresponding to past customers to use after after-sales pays a return visit, according to the customer to our reaction is the use of the cloud sauna lock stainless put in damp places won't appear decoloring circumstance, and the reaction of the customer, using a batch before in other manufacturer to purchase a sauna lock is to use zinc alloy material, used in the same place, there is an obvious contrast, zinc alloy after use in the long run will appear decoloring, severe damage to the surface of the case, which affect the external beauty, also affect the service life of use, customers not only gave us valuable response review also gives us a picture contrast, why will appear this kind of circumstance? Here to explain what the difference is that where. First say is stainless steel: shell use stainless sauna lock is in use when there is no doubt that increase the use of life, are most of sauna lock is bathing place, fitness, entertainment, will come into contact with water or a burglar beside the swimming pool and wet place, then choose when to install ark of stainless steel sauna lock can well prevent wet because such problems have led to the cabinet lock corrosion could be happening for a long time, and USES the high quality material such as stainless steel after several to process fine, diverse styles, chic design, environmental protection, moistureproof, mouldproof, rust-proof, waterproof does not produce any harmful material, beautiful and durable. Followed by using zinc alloy material sauna lock is heavy, use the downside of zinc alloy material for a long period of time using a touch surface, can cause surface will appear obvious decolorizing happens, and the surface of zinc alloy is easy to external to the sharp objects touching the surface is easily scratched and damaged the appearance, the surface damage reduced after using life.
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