The door to higher learning - — 95 million investment to build giant

by:Level      2020-07-21
At present, the college to use 'all-in-one-card' as entrance card credit card into the classroom is a common phenomenon, but recently, the media channels reported a local college investment of 180000 yuan, all classrooms are loaded on the fingerprint lock, including the library. Last term, the fingerprint lock has been put on in front of the classroom, after this semester all students into the fingerprint information, the official start of the fingerprint lock is used. 'Put your finger here, the machine will read your fingerprint information, if the fingerprint and input fingerprint information, the lock will open. 'After professionals a demonstration, students wonder,' unexpectedly high-tech fingerprint lock that can be used in school to unexpectedly! 'Before the holiday this year, the institute is much more that a new product of science and technology: the fingerprint lock, fingerprint identification, its own exclusive ID after installed the fingerprint lock, great convenience to students' daily learning, and as the 15 th stone yuan ping classmate say:' after a fingerprint lock, later can also go to college in some empty classrooms and school library self-study, without the key, and more convenient and the communication between the senior learn elder sisters. 'The fingerprint information recorded in the student, then only they can open the fingerprint lock, what if the classroom happening at the same time, you can pass the time of the fingerprint entry know who came into the classroom, so that you can fully protect the safety of goods and property. 'Install the fingerprint lock is one of the purposes of convenient management, all of the records in and out of the classroom can be seen. By doing this, students have more autonomous learning space. 'Chen, director of the office, said the teacher. Another classmate say: yuan from other colleges and universities' students each people all have own a table, after came into the classroom, like see the home is very warm, recreate the feeling of a high school. Now want to past feral, lectures or something more difficult. 'However, many colleges are self-study seat problems, school facilities is not complete, the students learn to reduce space and time, school hope that through the fingerprint lock, set a good example to his other colleges, and enable the school to lay emphasis on this problem and bring more convenience to students' learning life. 'Education in colleges and universities to install the fingerprint lock, it is a kind of individual phenomenon. Unlimited business opportunities, however, the market, sales agents should keep pace with The Times, fully understand the changing trend of the market, good service 80% of potential customers ( The university market) , should not only immediate interests, and should look to the future broad market demand, understand the market, read the 'heart' of the market, take the opportunity of market intelligence, positive and build up bonds of cooperation and the demand of fingerprint lock will be more big.
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