The emergence of fingerprint lock, make people more security up | |

by:Level      2020-07-08
Guide upgrading revolutionary products of science and technology, the influence and change the human way of life. Biometric technology tide strikes, industries will start the higher-ups biometric technology applications and its products using fingerprint payment, fingerprint lock, people will not need to set the password of many complicated and hard to remember, this will be a trend of social development. Fingerprint lock, as the intelligent fashionable digital products of The Times, will gradually replace the traditional mechanical lock, and become a symbol of modern quality of life. At present, in South Korea, the fingerprint lock family rate above 80%, but has not yet universal in China, there are two major reasons:, domestic fingerprint lock industry in its early, consumer's perception of the fingerprint lock is not comprehensive, not familiar with the product, will think fingerprint lock operation is complicated, difficult to skilled operation, also has some consumers skeptical on the safety of fingerprint lock. , the consumer that fingerprint lock of the price will be more expensive, let ordinary people & other Off & throughout; 。 Third, most of the domestic fingerprint lock enterprise means relative to the traditional, single channel, confined to the traditional building materials supermarket, consumers are hard to fast and convenient access to the fingerprint lock. Fingerprint lock is a high-tech product, although our life is always constantly changing, but the emergence of the fingerprint lock makes our life become simple and quick. Also the emergence of the fingerprint lock, the security of people there. Because fingerprint lock brings is not only a kind of security, but also a peace of mind.
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