The emergence of smart home, what changes do you bring to people's lives? | |

by:Level      2020-07-05
What is hot topic in 2014? Intelligent household. Nowadays, in the home market has a variety of smart products, such as intelligent router, smart door locks, intelligent curtain, the emergence of the smart home, what changes do you bring to people's lives? And what's the difference between a traditional household products? Intelligent locks VS ordinary locks lock is home security line of defense. Traditional door lock on the safety performance is far many smart door locks, ordinary lock can configure multiple keys, as long as holding the key to let you all can open; But if you hold the key to smart door locks, it is not possible, the only owner. Today's smart door lock has a variety of channels to open the door, such as password to unlock, fingerprint to open the door, face recognition, mobile control, etc. , such owners don't have to worry about the potential safety hazard due to off key. Even if someone hijacked fingerprints or password to open the door, it escapes the watchful eye of smart door lock, because it has guard against theft alarm function. Smart door locks, as it were, relatively ordinary lock safety performance, increase is not a bit. Intelligent curtain vs. ordinary people when choosing the traditional curtain, curtain is always focusing on the choose and buy what kind of material, style, style. Once you determine the curtain fabric and style, use after a period of time, unless the new curtains, or in the process of using are set in stone. The characteristics of the relatively fixed cannot satisfy the aesthetic requirement of master with each passing day. Intelligent curtain that is not the case, it can differ according to the weather, and show different state. At the same time it also has a temperature control, risk control, time control opening and closing, closed the curtain, mediation indoor light, prolong service life, such as multiple advantages, these are ordinary curtain. On the efficiency of life, safety performance, intelligent household is far better than the traditional household, for now, intelligent household consumption group is the smaller, that with the progress of era, believe in the near future, ordinary people can enjoy the smart home brings life.
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