The emergence of the fingerprint lock represents the level of China's lock industry | |

by:Level      2020-07-08
Great changes have taken place in the world of the Internet, cloud technology, smartphone technology, wireless communication technology, the Internet technology development and utilization, and under the influence of the new technology of thinking mode, the Internet can bring to market new space and time, of course this kind of space and time at the expense of traditional industries and the expense of the market. Advances in technology, locks in innovation, locks as necessities of life, the patron saint of security, although now the market has been quite mature, but not fall is a foreseeable industry, has a home will be a door, a door lock. With the development of science and technology, especially microelectronics biological the wide application of information technology in all walks of life, make the lock industry is moving toward the direction of high technical content, security, confidentiality is strong. In recent years, the emergence of fingerprint lock, with its reliability, security, and ease of use represent the advanced level of lock industry in our country, in a leading position in the world. Biological recognition technology, IT is using people's physical characteristics, such as fingerprint, iris, etc to identify the identity of the individual, will become an important innovation in the next few years IT industry. As a biological recognition technology of fingerprint identification technology, based on the fingerprint lock as the carrier is applied to the reflection of real life. Fingerprint lock in European and American countries has developed to a certain extent, has become an important indicator to measure the quality of life high and low. Despite China's fingerprint lock development is still in its infancy, but is full of attractive market prospect. From the traditional door lock, fingerprint lock up to now, science and technology guide upgrading revolutionary products, change the way of human life. And fingerprint lock, as the fashionable digital products of The Times, gradually replacing traditional locks, become a symbol of the modern quality life.
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