The fingerprint combination lock?

by:Level      2020-07-10
Fingerprint combination lock as a new product in the 21st century, it solves the problem of a large part of the consumer. Fingerprint combination lock operation principle is to use the fingerprint of sex, as long as the fingers press on the fingerprint readers can unlock, bring great convenience to consumers. It is this prominent security and convenience, fingerprint combination lock has been more and more people's concern. But even if the fingerprint combination lock is again good, it is still machinery and equipment, as long as it is mechanical equipment will have a problem, the fingerprint combination lock? The fingerprint combination lock is mainly in motor, circuit boards, etc. Motor drive, like computer software drivers, is the electrical and mechanical connection equipment, motor if stop working or disabled, the lock will be automatically open, can't lock or failure. Such as some fingerprint combination lock please replace the fingerprint readers. Here small make up just to share some fingerprint combination lock unlock way: 1, password lock in fact, if there are ways of fingerprint lock, password lock is very tedious, better fingerprint lock 0. 5 seconds, password lock at least more than 6 seconds. Technology, remarkably phantom code is * * * * * * + password + way, the application of this kind of way is peeping prevention. Because the fingerprint combination lock on market now there are two kinds of optical and semiconductor, and according to individual fingerprint extent, the password can function more convenient, such as fingerprint shallow people use. 2, general induction card bus card, access control card, id card, etc. Early fingerprint combination lock, such as most of the hotel the use of functions, such as is the magnetic induction, the lock mode is not recommended ( Of course, to lock you have other open means) , someone will ask, if use bus card setting into the door card, if lost my bus card, not to other people in their door, and this situation is to find your home, remember that don't use id card lock, this just really can find that one thousand really appear this kind of circumstance, time on the lock off the card information, there are a lot of lock has function of single card information deleted. 3, fingerprint identification ( Optical recognition and semiconductor fingerprint recognition) Optical fingerprint identification: optical recognition fingerprint identification technology is the earlier. Device based on optical emission light, shoot to finger and then reflected back to the machine to obtain the data, and compare the database to see if consistent. Optical recognition only reached the epidermal layers of the skin, but not to reach derma layer, and greatly influenced by finger surface is clean, if want to have a reference, fingerprint punch machine, believe that many people have used, pervious to light at the bottom of the transparent glass. Semiconductor fingerprint, fingerprint identification to the security of living fingerprint identification for beautiful, a lot of fingerprint has these functions combination lock, just technology supplier is different, so when the choose and buy should pay attention to these details, cost-effective fingerprint combination lock is some! 4, lock B class lock or better grade C, is the sort of home security. 5, the use of the lock mode if you bought a combination lock, fingerprint, of course, is recommended to buy with living fingerprint identification trick lock, the type of fingerprint lock way as far as possible use of fingerprint lock, or safer enable fingerprints and password mixed open, don't use what card way, with a look, can open the door, so that after you left the keys and remind yourself to take the key out of the door. 6, key open according to the Ministry of Public Security safety standard, all the locks ( Including all fingerprints combination lock) Fingerprint combination lock all necessary equipped with mechanical lock, this is to prevent the fingerprint combination lock, induction, passwords and other intelligent function failure and cause can't unlock, of course, also become one of the hidden trouble.
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