The fingerprint combination lock for more accepted by the family

by:Level      2020-07-09
Along with the science and technology level has been improved, shift the smart home began to exert a subtle influence on people's life habits, combination lock and fingerprint is with its do not replace, the characteristics of difficult to replicate received for more family gradually. Fingerprint combination lock as derivatives of access control to identify, dependent on biological recognition technology, foreign has gradually rise to more families. About our domestic markets, fingerprint combination lock throughout rate is far less than its reputation as prosperous. But about security market, fingerprint combination lock has the market potential of outbreaks, along with the science and technology has been progress, high-end fingerprint combination lock market growing, development prospect of negligence. Fingerprint combination lock is now developed intelligent household industry product, is to move a smart home and security industry and secretly billions of market. Fingerprint combination lock fingerprint combination lock so hot, you really have no safety issue? With the rapid development of social economy, now the thief stealing & other; Degree of technology & throughout; Improve it all the time. It is understood that the professional master lock can open today's second security doors. Security doors on the thief's presence has is available. General fingerprint trick lock, the only input clearly maybe can open the door, with his fingers on the fashion and fast, therefore, people often in order to facilitate, the numerous and complicated combination lock locks for fingerprint at home. However, there are some people don't trust the safety factor of the fingerprint combination lock, and put forward the troubleshooting, and other If too high price can reach the equal safety coefficient, fingerprint combination lock is really safe? ” Multiple maintenance effect on fingerprint combination lock of guard against theft. Our traditional security monitoring, intelligent household products such as anti-theft important focus on wealth, it is easy to endanger the owner's life safety. When thief bandits were found after coming indoors, met in front of the master, master thief bandits will make endanger personal safety behavior, home invasion robbery will turn into a home, home kidnappings to kill more serious cases, we see the news practice security monitoring alarm system often become shortly after the police investigation tool, rather than the security guard comedy artifact, such as in the rest of the function is lack of assassin's mace allows users to purchase the urgency to produce. Fingerprint combination lock associated with the traditional mechanical locks, fingerprint combination lock safer and more convenient. It will also be able to integrate the false plain code, anti-theft alarm, intelligent household and multiple maintenance of guard against theft. Thieves, for example, in the use of false fingerprints can't open the door, tried to force the fingerprint combination lock can automatically start alarm function, notify the owner perhaps small area public security. In addition, some other fingerprint combination lock can and smart home networking, when the thief climb from the window style will vibrate with fingerprint combination lock networking intelligent household equipment, causing alarm.
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