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by:Level      2020-07-14
Security issue of privacy has been caught the attention of people depth, all sorts of multifarious so-called security technology emerge in endlessly. For these security technology, majority of people in cautious wait-and-see. Today, biometric technology in people's life continuously & other; The bubbling & throughout; 。 Biometric technology has become a people now and in the future to be bestowed favor on newly. For such a seemingly & other; Advanced & throughout; Biological recognition technology, its security really let a person so at ease? Face recognition is one of the currently widely commercial biometric technology, the fast is better than the digital password, but its security is still a question mark. Imagine the scene in South Korea to promote brush face technology, the cosmetic of women basic same, long its security. Facial recognition will also involve such as hair, jewelry, interference factors such as age, if compare to the machine function not beautiful, so will greatly increase the risk of errors. Fingerprint identification technology have long been used in data encryption. Due to the complexity of fingerprint, collecting relative difficult, the existence environment complex, make all kinds of don't emerge in endlessly. But now the fingerprint recognition technology level, in fact is not so. Like the finger is difficult to be identified when injured or swelling. Apple sold iPhone5S and iPhone6 strengthen the function of fingerprint identification to unlock, but once the technology is applied, the Japanese have several men and for fingerprint has solved the so-called nipples & other; On the tall & throughout; The fingerprint identification technology. Can so say fingerprint safe and reliable?
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