The fingerprint unlock security intelligence door lock?

by:Level      2020-07-04
Recently, consumers' association, smart door locks the results released most of the intelligent door locks are false fingerprints has open, let people believe that the fingerprint unlock nor safe. Actually it is the ideal situation, in daily life, to take to a stranger's fingerprints, and then make the silica gel, such as fingerprints, it is very difficult. Fingerprint unlock is still in intelligent door locks, high safety coefficient of unlock way. Seen in the film of high-tech, simply copy fingerprint, but for now, is not a real problem. If not cooperate actively, is extracted from everyday items, basic couldn't copy; Second, to successfully make a silicone fingerprint can be used, the cost is expensive, high technology, equipment requirements, in reality, spend so much cost, to steal a family, the basic is not reality. Although smart door lock fingerprint unlock safer, but in the process of daily use, also want to develop good habits, if found other foreign bodies in fingerprint identification area coverage, need to clear in time, and replace the fingerprint.
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