The guest - control system contains three content Hotel smart door lock

by:Level      2020-08-13

that most consumers is no stranger to guest control system, whether it's traveling or go to outside the meeting, the hotel will be involved in the link, like a rating higher hotel will install guest control system, each room will have corresponding control panel. Hotel guest control system for need how many money is closely related with its control area size, the guest control system which is good is the deeply attention to important aspects of the same, will follow below small make up to meet the content of the control system consists of.

1, each room temperature Settings

guest first included in the control system is the control of temperature in the room, considering the customer is at or are about to departure may be forget to close the phenomenon of air conditioning, although there will be corresponding power, but to be on the safe side, I will set the temperature of the room guest control system within the range of comfort to the human body, which can saving the cost of the hotel, and beneficial to human body health.

2, room

guest of circuit control system of the control system can control the room used electric parts, such as the adjustment of the TV and lights, under the conditions of no one watching TV will be shut off the power directly, light faint degree also can be adjusted by the guest control system, the starting point is it for the hotel save costs on this level, every room if can achieve energy saving, long stick will save a lot of expenses.

3, the room water system control

remove the description of the above-mentioned two aspects, in the guest room control system for water system also can control effect, although after the customers away from the store room will automatically make processing power, but not part of the hotel for pipe system of open note, so you need to link connection waterway passenger control system, no set time use is turned off.

guest control system includes three contents of nothing more than for control temperature, power and waterway system, considering the hotel daily traffic intensity and supporting staff quantity is limited, a higher intelligent level guest control system can control all the important facilities in the rooms, and in the adjustment does not affect the customer experience.

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