The guest - control system has three major function Rcu control system

by:Level      2020-08-13

this noun guest control system will we all sound very strange, not a visitor control system has occupied every aspect of our lives, even when staying in a hotel, in hospital when work in a company always inadvertently we contact to the guest control system. Guest control system, then, what is the magic was applied so widely, guest control system and what are the main features?

1, the identification function when it comes to guest control system should be the first think of its identification function, can advance the use of system identification information recorded in the system, when people use the system such as the door or open the other equipment, the system will pass the entrance card of people access to information personal information verified. After the identification system will detect personnel themselves whether has the permissions to laboratory or a hotel room, and we usually see science fiction film lab entrance guard.

2, convenient services

in the service industry within a company, usually with a convenient service function of control system. When the hotel guest need to room service indoors only need to press the button, the service personnel will be the credibility of reliable customer control system received a notice, then there is room service demand close the waiter will come in time. 3

security networking, security, networking function function is widely used in warehouses, high-tech laboratory and prison. When touch security defense system setup, the system will send alarm directly to regulators to remind the check in time to send regulators in a timely manner to ensure the safety of goods within an enterprise products, many companies choose to top the guest is the main reason for the control system.

all in all, customer control system has the identification function, convenient service and secure networking functions and so on three big functions, this 3 big functions together let customer protection more solid and reliable control system, therefore, hotel, hospital and higher company will use confidential factor, control system to protect property safety. Even some wealthier families in the villa guest control system installed in the real-time observation of housing security situation.

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