The guest in control system of the significance of the hotel have? - Hotel rooms intelligent

by:Level      2020-08-13

the guest control system extends out from the literal meaning can be understood as a guest room control system, which can be associated with the guest's important role in the control system for hotel, guest control system brand ranking for consumers to do a good job of screening early, once the setup is need to see the actual effect of guest control system must have a functional diversity and characteristics of intelligent enough, the content is closely related to the guest control system need how many money, so for all types of hotels, guest control system can bring the specific meaning contains what respect?

1, the intelligent setting understands the customer's psychological

guest control system of intelligent setting can achieve the result that let a person shine at the moment, not just on its opening one key, is also embodied in it can set the room of each part to maintain in a more comfortable way, without the customer to do other superfluous action, so convenient and intelligence system compared with the traditional way, it is easier to capture consumer's psychology and recognition.

2, save a part of the human cost control system of the sustainable use of

guest can save a part of the human aspects of expenses for the hotel and the existence of the control system if do not have a guest, the room of all the Settings should rely on manpower to complete, including the customer a series of follow-up work after your departure, the guest control system can in a short period of time to restore the room to a dormant state, effectively save the use of electric power and other material resources.

3, help staff to effectively manage the room

guest control system for large and medium-sized hotel belongs to an integral part of the set, even if each floor are set up with the corresponding management personnel, but also unable to achieve real-time control of state of each room, guest control system operation page containing all of the hotel floors including every room, staff management rise more convenient quickly.

guest control system are mainly concentrated in the meaning of it is to the hotel to the improvement of the original state, the involvement of the intelligent system made the need to rely on a large number of human can do, can be processed quickly in a short period of time, for the characteristics of the corresponding temperature regulation in customers make customers have good experience, virtually increase the hotel occupancy rate.

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