The guest is how to realize the energy saving control system? - Hotel control system

by:Level      2020-08-09

the guest control system for modern society most high level hotel is one of the necessary equipment, there are a lot of hotel investors heard the guest control system is the effect of saving energy after decided to purchase and the introduction of the system. So emerging from what respect to help hotel guest control system to realize the purpose of saving energy?

first, controlling the temperature of the environment inside the hotel room

known as spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons phenomena of nature are, in different season, people live in conditions will be changed accordingly. If the temperature inside the hotel room environment is affected by the seasonal change will affect the comfort of the accommodation, but by the guest control system can according to the hotel room occupancy situation in a timely manner to adjust the temperature of the internal environment in a reasonable manner to guest room make the room temperature control in the state of high comfort and not waste of electricity.

second, inside control room lighting and curtain switch

if introduced in hotel guest control system can control the lights of the rooms inside, such as when the accommodation to leave an area for a few minutes after the guest rooms control system will automatically close to achieve the purpose of energy saving lamps and lanterns of the region. Not only that the guest control system can even by monitoring and induction sunshine condition of switch the operation of the curtain, such as in the hot summer sun is too strong to control system with the aid of guest will shut the curtain to avoid sunlight to room temperature waste of electricity.

third, controlling water condition

in addition to being able to monitor guest control system in internal circuit of hotel guest room condition to achieve the purpose of saving electricity, and even to control rooms inside the sea conditions. Such as accommodation, forget to turn off after washing or bathing water switch, when the guest conditions to the waterways of real-time control system can monitor timely close waterway of the switch.

the content above is the guest how to help the hotel to realize saving energy control system is introduced. Fact that water and electricity for each and every one of the modern society are extremely precious resources, the hotel has introduced the efficient handling of guest enjoy control system means the system can bring a series of advantages, in the end with the aid of hotel guest control system can achieve the desire of the lower operating costs.

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