The hotel door lock need how to do the maintenance

by:Level      2020-07-23
Now many of the hotel, the guesthouse and so on have been using the hotel door lock, compared with previous use of mechanical locks, door locks for hotel, save a lot of manpower and management cost, back to the hotel's upgrades. In order to use for a long time, the hotel door lock needs a certain service and maintenance. 1. The battery. Generally adopts four section 5 alkaline batteries, need on a regular basis to check the battery leakage happens, alarm when the battery is too low, shall promptly replace new battery. If the local climate wetter plum rains season you will need to focus on inspection. 2. Handle. Handle is prone to failure of a place, regular check, if have meet hand a loose or caton, etc. , to see whether the screw loosening or need to add the lubricating oil, etc. 3. Locks. Because basically is to use the card to unlock, can occur when using mechanical key to open the door plug bad conditions, such as may be appropriate to add some pencil powder, can be pulled back and forth. Bear in mind that do not add lubricating oil and other lubricants. 4. Lock body and lock the gusset plate gap. Check clearance between lock body and lock the gusset plate offset, probably because the weather causes lead to the door of the material heat bilges cold shrink, found that can be adjusted in time, guarantee the hotel door lock can be used smoothly.
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