The hotel door lock to change how to maintain?

by:Level      2020-07-24
Hotel door lock in the process of using, also need to conduct regular maintenance, to make the door lock plate surface clean bright, normal operation for a long time, prolong its service life at the same time, 1. Use soft, dry clean soft cloth to wipe the door surface; Do not use water, alcohol or other chemicals to clean the surface of the door, to avoid damage or corrosion. 2. Long-term effective use in order to keep the door lock, should ask professional to regular maintenance of door lock, filling or lubricant grease, replace the loss serious old parts, etc. 3. Door lock inside the battery such as long-term use, voltage drop, effective low voltage brush to the door card, will issue & other; Di & throughout; “ Di & throughout; “ Di & throughout; Bursts of sound, remind the battery voltage is insufficient, the red light bright, at this point, the need to change new battery, Note: do not the old and new battery combination) 。
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