The hotel guest control system what are the advantages? - Room control system

by:Level      2020-08-08

hotel guest control system is emerging in recent years, a kind of control or service system, it can instantly make the quality of the hotel promotion, can raise the satisfaction of customers, in recent years, there are many small hotels are through transforming, the hotel guest control system installation, attracted a lot of guests, so do you have any advantages this system?

1, the stability is strong, To ensure safety)

control system of the so-called hotel guest, although as a single system, but need to cooperate to use other systems, it is also a part of weak current system accurately, this kind of system stability is extremely strong, many companies have also developed a series of double controlled or more systems, greatly reduces the fault, and greatly reduce or eliminate the unsafe factors, so the stability of the hotel guest control system was also the representative strength and the quality of the hotel. 2, extensibility (

The upgrade easier)

according to the domestic professional hotel guest control system is introduced, some hotels in order to be able to cope with the market, often to the part of the structure or the structure integrity of innovation, especially for large hotel, the transformation cost is very high, the high voltage system is an important project in transformation, and the extensibility of this kind of hotel guest control system is strong, through the original system wiring set, so even the interior environment change, will not significantly affect the hotel guest control system, make the back of the upgrading easier.

3, fault report ( Reduce artificial maintenance)

at present the hotel each system mostly adopts electronic systems, but electronic system while it is possible to realize the unattended and automatic control, but because of internal and external environment, the influence of such factors may cause some faults, traditional hotel guest control system is not have fault report function, but in the new system realizes the function, it can automatically check the terminal load and related working condition, if found abnormal, and the parameters in the big data will be promptly reported to the monitoring center, greatly improve the efficiency of maintenance.

4, lighting energy saving ( Meet the needs of the peripheral functions)

because of the structure of the hotel is different, so they all system control to realize the customization, and the hotel guest control system can meet the needs of customization, it can meet the needs of different peripheral function, it can, for example, the hotel room and bed lamp lights classification management, strengthen the function of self management, can also according to the actual need to adjust the various function such as the bathroom and bedroom, both to reduce the waste of resources, realize the green, energy-saving, but also increased the controllability.

hotel guest control system in recent years, the rate of increase, when go out to live, it is also helpful for the guests, the hotel has to choose the professional hotel guest control system, in order to satisfy their own development needs, this kind of comprehensive, coordinated and extensible system requirements, but also consider the cost.

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