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by:Level      2020-08-09

general hotel air conditioning control mainly through the control system of intelligent room controller, central air conditioning and heating system for the automatic control. Special supply system through the special equipment can be very sensitive to detect the indoor temperature, and then according to set parameters for automatic control. Specifically, the guest of HVAC control system and energy saving control includes the following several aspects.

when a, remote control, the guests at the front desk registration, welcome guest control system will automatically open the guest check in room air conditioners, adjust the room temperature to the range of comfortable, when the guest from the lobby to the room, room temperature is below 25 ℃, can give a guest a meticulous service. When the guest check out, guest control system will automatically upgrade the guest room air conditioning to vacancy state run, the system software according to different season, different times to set a variety of different energy saving strategy and preservation, and managers can choose a variety of strategies at any time.

2, digital temperature controller

professional supply of guest control system of the digital temperature controller adopts the backlit LCD display panel, can display the time, the indoor temperature, outdoor temperature and set temperature and wind speed, and display the manual mode and automatic mode, the guest can through the thermostat to control indoor temperature. And control system of temperature controller supports a multimode control, that is, a temperature controller can control the fan coil units of 2 or more; Can also support multiple point one way, that is, more than 2 a fan coil thermostat control, a thermostat setting temperature changes, the other a thermostat synchronous display. Three, HVAC control

with magnetic switches, the balcony door and window, in the activities of the balcony door, door magnetic switch installed on the window, when the door or window was detected more than 3 - when they open them 5 cm when guest control system automatically adjusts to the energy saving mode or shut down HVAC equipment. When detected the door or window closed again, guest control system automatically return to the front of the closed state.

that is the hotel guest HVAC control system and energy saving control includes several aspects, and it also has the energy saving control mode, the guest control system automatically get rooms from the PMS system status, according to the different status, the mode of the automatic adjustment of HVAC. Rooms available for rent pattern, for example, air conditioning will be running at low speed per hour 15 minutes to keep the room air pure and fresh; Air conditioning parameters can be preset programming in the CIS, and so on.

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