The hotel guest what are the main functions of the control system are _ hotel guest control system

by:Level      2020-08-08

today many guests in the hotel for the hotel's service quality request, in order to meet the requirements of increasingly picky customers many hotels are beginning to try to introduce the hotel guest control system with powerful function, through the power of science and technology to bring more enjoyable service experience for hotel customers, it has become the standard configuration of many high-end hotels hotel guest control system which has the main functions?

a, the functions of customer service

traditional hotel most often to provide customer service phone, various services to meet customer demand, but due to the customer service phone mostly in the form of a record, a lot of guests tend to selectively forgotten for various reasons. The hotel guest control system installed in the eye-catching place of the hotel rooms, guests will be able to focus on short time, and the hotel guest service call function of control system is extremely convenient, can let the hotel guests enjoy better hotel customer service function.

2, the function of the electric management

when a lot of guests in the hotel because the room appliances is relatively dispersed, so often when needed to close these appliances shouldn't turn over, at present the popular hotel guest control system to the electrical integration within the hotel room on a panel, can facilitate passenger unified close all electrical appliances before sleep, for poor sleep quality of passenger, the practical function is especially welcome. Three, the function of alarm for help

because at present a lot of hotel management is not equipped with more security personnel, coupled with the hotel's environment is also more open, in case of sudden dangerous situations, passengers are often difficult to get timely rescue in a short time. The hotel guest is the importance of the control system is also equipped with an emergency alarm for help on its case, when travelers meet the unexpected happens, can by pressing the hotel guest control system on the alarm button to quickly get the police and the aid of hotel security department.

application of a wide range of hotel guest is the function of the control system is extremely rich, for choice of hotel guests to provide one-stop integrated service. High efficiency of the hotel guest control system can not only provide customers with a variety of a key service, hotel service to the electric equipment of a hotel room at the same time also can make unified management, in addition when weak passenger emergency sudden dangerous situation can also be sent a signal for help by system to the hotel, which is dedicated to high-end hotel customers the integration function of control system is introduced.

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