The hotel intelligence lock developing rapidly build a new reform hotel accommodation

by:Level      2020-08-04
Today, many people will carry tablets, smart phones, and other valuables. Customer security and privacy of hotel guest room, the demand is higher and higher. Imagine: when the guest walked to the front of the room, the door will open automatically, when away from the door locks, door locks and can automatically shut down. It is like a personal butler, only responsible for the guests, provide exclusive service. The user experience, actually has been used in the hotel market. High-tech smart door locks, has become the killer of hotel hardware products. A see combination lock, intelligent combination lock you might feel intelligent science and technology content is low, NO! Now the intelligent combination lock is not simple as a few Numbers is finished, it has its own brain. Lock the Numbers above button allows you to use four digits password access. Everyone can have their specific password, and can set the access time, and then delete this password, set up a new record again. The hotel can set different passwords, according to the requirements of the guests can according to check-in time to time to set the password to unlock. In this way, each guest room is a period of time only to the user. Second, the intelligent fingerprint lock human fingerprints with only, do not copy, easy to carry, don't forget not missing features, therefore, the fingerprint lock more security. A fingerprint lock is the most core technology fingerprint readers, it is like the heart of human beings. Made in Sweden's high-end fingerprint readers, we can ensure that false fingerprints will not be identified, the database of fingerprints in harmony with the body temperature is used. Even if the thief with false fingerprints, no induction to the fingerprint on the temperature, intelligent lock won't open it. When the hotel guest in room, front desk registration, and the fingerprint can synchronize to register, very convenient. Three, biological induction biometric lock anti-theft lock is the use of human biological characteristic ( Such as hands, eyes, voice, etc. ) As the key of electronic anti-theft lock. Now feel more creative creatures lock is face to induction of choose and employ persons. Face recognition of the intelligent lock biggest advantage lies in its safety performance, when the face recognition or password input validation failure more than 3 times or gate 1, will face the lock intelligent alarm, at the same time, each trying to unlock personnel, records, will be photographed face security track record to become simple. Four, intelligent mobile phones induction lock induction lock to lock your phone and intelligent connection is established, and put your mobile phone in his pocket, so smart lock induction your phone automatically, thus automatic open or closed. Mobile phone locks can make the hotel guests to book via mobile phone mobile Internet, check-in, lock, check out the application of whole closed-loop, and the process can not through the hotel staff participation, makes the hotel managers to improve the management efficiency, but also reduce the manpower cost. Throughout the development of domestic electronic smart lock market, especially the use of commercial aspects. Smart door lock is one of the image of the hotel, hotel smart door lock is also committed to development, in the guests to the hotel a sense of privacy and security at the same time, also to the hotel to shape a good image. This is why the cause of the intelligent lock is applied widely in hotel! Intelligent lock unique advantages: 1, the scheme of mature and reliable: core TI chip, is used for hardware acquisition head design patent dark background, with the function of learning advanced fingerprint algorithm; Effectively prevent interference, the sun in winter dry environment better adaptability, user experience more comfortable. 2, the standard size double fast security fire lock body: the existing security doors can be convenient to upgrade; Lock body with class a fire standard design, the key core components adopts 304 stainless steel. 3, belt slide protection design: effective fingerprint acquisition window, password protection keys, OLED display screen. 4, prevent into pseudo password input method: six fixed-length password, all can add random number, before and after the total digits is not more than eighteen.
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