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by:Level      2020-07-26
Hunan hotel lock proprietary technology, more than 70% using integrated digital circuit technology, safer and more reliable. Computer automatic diagnosis and detection technology, on the premise of guarantee the product quality, to be effective in preventing error caused by the faults in the operation, in the production process, 72 hours ageing test, factory inspection procedures, 4 main board surface with special moistureproof and anticorrosive closed treatment, additional protection device, to ensure the safe operation of the main control system of mechanical lock tongue operating life up to more than 1 million times ( Internal testing operation life of more than 1 million times, beyond the ANSI/BHMA certification requirements, China a-class lock standard requires 100000 times) 。 If the door 20 times a day, the theoretical calculation can be normal operation more than 130 years, much higher than the level of domestic counterparts. Induction card (open 智能卡) Can open the door lock by inductive smart card, smart card with high capacity, high reliability and safety of imitation pseudo, easy to operate, simple to read and write number more than 100000 times; Can provide the application of integrated and systematic management for the hotel. Sound and light alarm hint Alarming when someone deliberately will lock latch block, which causes the interpolation function in preventing lock fails, or insufficient battery door lock, door lock will automatically alarm fire alarm prompt ( 惊人的) When indoor door open fire detection and alarm, to ensure the safety of his family. Emergency escape function indoors in an Emergency, just press a hand, can be unlocked state, opened the door. Without an external network NO Need locks with smart CARDS) in the Web system can complete door lock and the system docking, without additional connect cable network, convenient and safe. Do not disturb function No disturb the guests into the house, don't want to, but will the door knob will hit after the tongue, and then in induction window will automatically appear outside the door lock LED red light flashing, tells the service personnel & other; Do not disturb & throughout; 。 Hierarchical management functions ( 管理) But according to users at different levels, different time, set the host and the guest, nanny, temporary access to different level. The hotel door lock size
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