The importance of the theory of intelligent locks with slide | |

by:Level      2020-07-22
Now on the market of smart door lock, from appearance can be divided into two categories, one is with slide, one is without slide, we can find smart door lock with slide is often more expensive than without slide! Is this why? 1. Beautiful, fashionable and generous compared with concise without slide, smart door locks with slide more fashion, high-grade generous, so many villa when choosing smart door lock will tend to take the slide. 2. Protective about slide has several kinds of protection function, can effectively prevent water from entering the first into the lock body, the second is to prevent accidentally knock against damage to fingerprint head and password keyboard. A slide can prolong the service life of intelligent door locks. 3. Convenient access to electricity with a slide of fingerprint lock, push on the slide to electricity, convenient and quick, efficiency is higher, at the same time, and decrease The Times of the use of a password keyboard to prolong its service life.
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