The importance of the theory of the house a smart lock

by:Level      2020-08-08
Era has intelligent household door lock revolution began, say goodbye to the bustle of losing the keys to your home with a smart lock? Intelligent lock reason the following eight big scene tell you! Scenario 1: go home every day to find the key, really trouble! Carrying bags have to put down the things make hand to find the key. Etc. , where the key? Scene two: I come home from work, found that forgot to take the key, really annoying! Can only wait for the husband to open the door. Scenario three: go throw garbage is to lock the door outside, really helpless! The husband! I take out the trash was to lock the door outside, water still in the burning! Children to play in, quickly took the key back to open the door. Scenario 4: friends surprise visit, really helpless! Can't! I work in the outside, it's not convenient to go home. Scene five: exercise keys don't know where to put? Really annoying! Go to the park to run health fitness, with such a large bunch of keys is too much trouble. Scenario 6: son after school, do not know to have arrived back home safe and sound, really worry! This points to the school time, don't know if my son have to go home on time? Scene vii: nanny to leave again in the lock, really annoying! To his long home nanny, nanny will have to change locks, trouble is dead, don't want to. Scenario 8: people not at home, lock is broken into? I come home from work found the door lock was broken into, the home has been looted. People not at home, lock is broken into have no way of knowing. Although it is a small lock is guarding the safety of the family, however, in the pressure of society but also a day for a small lock and disturbing is really not worth, what should I do? To install a smart lock home so that you can stand in front of the door brush face open stretch out a finger, fingerprint, password to open the door, sitting on the sofa, remote remote control to open the door even if in the outside, also can open remote APP can also view the home at any time by the cat's eye linkage in the abnormal situation, the door will also receive cell phone alarm to remind children home, short message to remind don't have to go home with a string of heavy key how a quick word get convenient, don't hesitate a lock, solve a lot of lock things to make your home as a safe security allows you to focus on their work and life look easy to keep pace with The Times, to the peak of life!
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