The influence factors of control system of prices - Hotel intelligent control system

by:Level      2020-08-13

for decades in the field of professional guest control system is often used in a system in a hotel, one of the main is to let customers realize the hotel is convenient, so in the hotel guest control system is more important in the system, now many manufacturers provide guest control system solutions for hotels to choose from, we come to know the price influence factors about guest control system:

1. Required quantity

since each hotel is different, so for the number control system of the demand is not the same, and other products, through the guest unified purchase control system manufacturer, according to purchasing quantity into the ladder offer, that is to say, the more purchase quantity control system of a single guest unit price will be lower price, which is currently the main cause of many brand hotel unified procurement system;

2。 Host configuration

public praise good guest control system the influence factors of the price in addition to the number of switch panel and switch number outside this area, as well as the price of the host and the software, such as whether to pay after segmentation specifications can be found that factors affecting the price of the host, guest control system, intelligent temperature controller, switch panel, socket panel door, door sensor, infrared, SOS emergency calls, etc.

3。 Manufacturers

guest the price of the control system also has a direct relationship with the manufacturers, such as the difference between domestic manufacturers and foreign manufacturers, unified specifications and grades of system than the price of the domestic manufacturers abroad independent manufacturer's price is much higher, because imported products need to pay duties, and abroad for the protection of intellectual property rights is more strict, the use of also need to pay the corresponding cost. Integrated

to accept the price of the control system has the influence factors of several aspects, the first is the number of procurement hotel, guest control system manufacturer are commonly use ladder quotation, so the more the price also is less, in addition the host configuration is also the decisive factor to influence price system configuration, the higher the price, the price of the manufacturer's production is also the key factors, foreign manufacturers price is higher than the price of domestic manufacturers.

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