The installation of intelligent door locks, where need to pay attention to?

by:Level      2020-07-05
Most modern decorate a style, is given priority to with simple and convenient, the complex, which need to spend time, and it takes effort, has gradually replaced. Locks, smart door lock in to security at the same time, has brought great convenience to life. So, where smart locks need to pay attention to? 1. To determine whether the door can be installed before buying, to determine whether the door can be installed smart door locks, one is the material cause of door, another is the thickness of the door and guide plate width, height and other dimensions. If they are old change door lock, also need to consider whether or not the new lock can cover up the trace of old lock. 2. Determine the direction of the door hook to open the door of heaven and earth direction is to determine, is the left or right open, inside or outside, at the same time to determine whether or not to bring a hook of heaven and earth, if it is a wooden door, generally no hook of heaven and earth, security doors, basic hook with heaven and earth. 3. Install installation, if you are not a professional, more do not install themselves as far as possible, if caused mistakes may cause damage to smart door locks, may also cause damage to the opposite, do more harm than good. Smart door lock products science and technology, improper installation may also affect the normal use of follow-up and the service life of intelligent door locks, etc.
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