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by:Level      2020-07-13
ILifeSmart in the near future, there is no smart home system of residential would like housing can't surf the Internet today is not in conformity with the trend. Three years ago, for the ordinary family, the existence of the intelligent household is probably not practical. However, the state has now changed dramatically. Smart home has not exclusive high-end market, but according to a family life needs, solve the problem of real life. Intelligent lock will be key to the history in film and television work, high-end residential door lock has become password and fingerprint open, intelligent lock has also been gradually into the daily life. Don't have to worry about forgot the key into the door, you just need to press the fingerprint can identify enter, fool operation in addition to the more convenient for daily use, is the Gospel of the elderly and children. Key sharing: intelligent lock brings the convenience for life to those who need to share your keys. Abroad, many property is already in use intelligence share key lock function. The landlord will lock password Shared with tenants, when the lease expires, the password will be invalid, whether long-term or short-term tenant, this way is more safe, the landlord don't even need to meet with tenants could do. 所在
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