The matters of attention in the hotel guest control system during the installation process Guest room intelligent system

by:Level      2020-08-10

the comfort and convenience of the hotel for guests will be their best choice, the details hotel only begin to maximum guest satisfaction. Modern intelligent hotels have mushroomed rapid rise is to let guests can enjoy a more comfortable and convenient room service, and professional customers in the process of the intelligent control system is to realize the hotel indispensable part, so in the process of the intelligent hotel guest control system installation should pay attention to?

1。 Pay attention to choose the right vendor cooperation

if you want to be a good hotel, will be in place from the design at first, from the initial design will be looking for a professional hotel intelligent control system manufacturer, the main requirements and the hotel guest control system manufacturer communication carefully, and then by manufacturer out a professional detailed elv cabling drawings. If during the period of construction of the hotel guest control system have to minor alterations, are charged with manufacturers to further communication with guest, make sure the correctness of the drawings, so that the back of the construction will not go wrong.

2。 Pay attention to the system main body position of

drawings confirmed, is each part of the installation of the product, priority is the main body, above the general advice is put in the wardrobe or near the top of the condole top air conditioning access port. If above the ceiling as far as possible to avoid the ventilation pipe. Guest host control system after installation, in strict accordance with the requirements for wiring, sometimes according to the project need to make some tags, to facilitate future maintenance and debugging.

3。 Pay attention to the installation of the panel style

and then install panel, the panel is a professional guest only exposed parts of the control system, most USES is the magnet installation, the installation method is more efficient and quick, and elegant appearance, different color can match different decorate a style. No matter you are the rural wind, or British wind, can find their own style of panel.

the most reliable manufacturer able to provide complete and accurate for the hotel guest control system of the control system wiring drawings, and many times to confirm the drawing whether can meet the hotel's main appeal. The hotel staff to install the guest also pay attention to the above points, when the control system can ensure guest control system to normal operation after the installation is complete.

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