The necessity of the hotel guest control system installation

by:Level      2020-08-14

with the demand of modern social hotel, consumer demand for hotel not only focus on decoration luxury, more important is the high standard request for service and accommodation, in order to better cater to modern consumers to improve service experience requirements, integration and control system, intelligent operation of guest here in this paper, the control system can provide a beloved guest hotel bring value to do system.

can better show the humanities concern of the hotel. When the guests at the front desk with the check-in, the front desk clerk can through the control system of management in advance open room air-conditioning exhaust fan, air conditioning open to make a guest in room can realize the comfortable temperature, indirect open exhaust fan to keep inside toilet always in circulation air circulation. Better from the perspective of hotel humanistic care present at home environment to create.

helps strengthen the security. When guest open the door at the front desk, housekeeping center, security guard room departments can use durability hospitality demand constantly monitor control system, which effectively avoid the occurrence of unsafe hidden trouble, simplify the layout of the hotel security to carry out. Through the guest control system of the hotel's resident security efficiency to provide more possibilities.

hotel is one of the important means of efficient service execution. When the guest check in at the front desk, housekeeping center can through guest tracking control system, which can understand the guest service requirements as soon as possible, such as distress, cleaning, check out the service desk software real-time recording, room-service center staff simply used in combination with the guest control system can realize direct docking with the attendant on this floor. Promote efficiency of the docking between the hotel departments.

and by introducing the guest hotel control system can provide guests with comfortable environment, considerate and fast service, in better meet the diverse needs of customers at the same time, maximum limit reduces the hotel operating costs, improve the efficiency of the hotel, to strengthen the competitiveness of the hotel, the realization of the market to provide the most powerful technical support.

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