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by:Level      2020-07-10
Fingerprint combination lock technology principle refers to positive skin covering the tip of the finger on the bumpy texture, by identifying the texture to unlock. Although fingerprint is only a small part of the human body skin, above, from the perspective of medicine they are not the same, each fingerprint has sex and sex. Whatever the second lock, its essence or mechanical products. Fingerprint combination lock belongs to the model using the modern high technology to transform traditional industries, its core technology and mechanical technology in the first place. Mechanical technology is mainly composed of the following aspects: 1, look for the reasonable design of front and rear panel, is a sign of significant differences in the similar products, more important internal structure layout, directly determines the stability of the product and function. This process, involving design, mould making, surface treatment, and other links. The stand or fall of 2, lock body, lock body, directly determines the product's life. This is mechanical technology, core technology, also is the lifeblood of a fingerprint combination lock, also is in the industry, difficult to solve the problem. 95% of the existing production unit can't solve the problem, mainly through the way of outsourcing. Powerful manufacturers, have their own design, development, the ability of the lock body. Therefore, the lock body is truly reflect the core parts of the technical level is also the core technology of the combination lock the fingerprint. Is 3, electrical motor drives. Just like computer software drivers. Is connected devices, electronic and mechanical strength of the transformation center, like plays a major role. If the motor stop working or obstacle, lock automatically open and not locked. So now the fingerprints of combination lock will be equipped with a key lock function.
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