The quality of fingerprint combination lock is a powerful weapon in the market competition

by:Level      2020-07-09
Fingerprint combination lock as entry-level products of smart home, in the smart home haven't fully into the Chinese family under the premise of its quality and function have been paid much attention by consumers. According to the survey found that the user fingerprint combination lock, the choose and buy some important purchase factor is worried that the fingerprint combination lock quality has a problem, for example, durability is not strong, and soon appeared quality problem, or worry about fingerprint combination lock, surface oxidation of rust, paint falls off, and so on. So the combination lock brands above the raw materials of the fingerprint combination lock to study combination lock and fingerprint surface treatment, the emergence of the problem of how to prevent oxidation, combination lock is fingerprint brands should focus on when a quality construction. According to the current market situation, the fingerprint combination lock brands first stainless steel as main material for fingerprint combination lock. There are some use alloy, copper. Stainless steel is divided into a lot of kinds, for example, ferrite and austenite. Ferrite commonly known as stainless iron, magnetic, in the humid environment is used long will rust, and austenitic stainless steel will not rust, stable nature, color also will not change. The distinguish method, with the magnet can be identified. Zinc alloy is also now a fingerprint combination lock brands using one of a wide range of materials. Its good mechanical performance, corrosion resistance, colour and lustre is gorgeous. Is both strong and rust, fashion appearance beautiful, generous, added many color for household now, is a modern and classical style of decoration materials, such as brand villa fingerprint combination lock is a such classic works. So comprehensive consideration, fingerprint combination lock brands on select material, want to consider many factors. From the perspective of users, both being very good, and to prevent corrosion.
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