The safety of the mechanical lock has been gradually cannot satisfy the demand of people, at the same time the fingerprint lock arises at the historic moment | |

by:Level      2020-07-26
With the development of science and technology of China and the progress of the society, more and more people realize the importance of safety for the life and family. The safety of the mechanical lock, however, has been gradually cannot satisfy the demand of people, at the same time the fingerprint lock arises at the historic moment. Fingerprint lock, it relies on the technological advantages of security, confidentiality, and become the industry to be bestowed favor on newly, civil market is gradually widening, infinite development space to expand. In our country, the fingerprint recognition technology is widely used on solve crimes investigation, at the same time is also a kind of popular in the field of financial security technology. At present, in our own life come into contact with the place of fingerprint lock more and more, companies, notebook recognition of attendance, village entrance guard, and the fingerprint iphone5S unlock, etc. Fingerprint lock is unique, has let it is closely connected with our daily life. Locks according to the Chinese market, traditional lock the overall sales decline in all forms, and the fingerprint lock although the percentage is not high, but the rising momentum very quickly. Currently, more and more village, enterprise access has been locked fingerprints as a standard lock, fingerprint lock to replace traditional lock is a lock development irreversible fact. At the same time, according to the need of different people, fingerprint technology r&d and innovation has been strengthened, the future will be a bright prospect.
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