The solution to the fingerprint lock failure

by:Level      2020-08-04
Fingerprint lock as a fashion intelligence product, convenient and safe, but using a long time or improper operation, also hard to avoid can appear a little fault, so, when the fingerprint lock failure? Small make up to sort out some of the fingerprint lock the solution to the malfunction. Fingerprint lock fails to solve method, LED screen does not show or display error solution: 1, check the power supply and connect each part. 2, contact the factory technical personnel. Second, according to the fingerprint cannot login unlock solution: 1, please log on to another finger prints. A better quality of choose to use a finger ( Fold less, no peeling, clear fingerprint) 。 2, try to make the finger contact collection device area is larger, as far as possible according to the fingers. 3, fingers is too dry, the scanner can't detect finger, to wipe his forehead with his finger. 4, cleaning, fingerprint acquisition window. 5, according to the user login password. Fingerprint lock failure solution is above these, of course, in order to ensure that the service life of the fingerprint combination lock in household is more long, the use of performance is more stable, suggest or strictly following the requirements of fingerprint lock, avoid some affect the use of fault!
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