The stand or fall of intelligent lock difficult points? Teach you six recruit easily distinguish authenticity!

by:Level      2020-07-02
Smart door lock started as a smart home market of the vanguard, the vendors of all stripes buckle down in the a share market. But because does not have a unified standard specification, smart door locks market in China there are mixed and disorderly, design category behind, inflated price, such as the wrong version of the problem. In just over 2018 yongkang door low-priced, appearance copied in the exhibition, intelligent lock function is also very significant problems such as uneven quality. As consumers we always are treading on thin ice, on the choice of don't know how to choose the high quality, safe products. So consumers in the face of a wide variety of locks on the market, quality is also unknown. If want to buy the good quality, after-sales service are all locks, I'm afraid a little bit difficult, but as long as we polish eyes, have the ability to distinguish between locks quality, is not afraid to buy inferior products, today small make up take you to learn these skills. 1, the surface quality locks the appearance is clear, surface smooth and not rough. Skills of choose and buy: touch surface of locks, feeling the surface is smooth, then locks the plating quality; Check the locks, lock body, lock tongue, hold hands and cladding parts and related accessories is complete; Check the chrome, bright colour and lustre is uniform on the surface of the painting, with or without signs of rust, oxidation and damaged. Some advanced technology can prolong the service life of locks, intensify locks the solid proof. For example, pay attention to see whether open welding, without welding, welding defects such as leakage, whether door leaf and door frame with all joint is close-grained, gap is uniform, open is flexible, firm paint electroplating is uniform and smooth, etc. 2, listen to the sound and the copper plating as the material of the lock, open the sound when more depressing, and the voice of the plating copper or stainless steel lock is more clear. Techniques of choose and buy: by comparing the product of two or more to check and compare whether they are secure. Check to see if locks open flexible rotation. Check the insurance product structure, look to whether smoothly without resistance. Suggest every lock tried at least three times or more. 3, phase modulation component if the lock is lighter, lock anti-theft performance and service life are not ideal. Techniques of choose and buy: weigh lock core part, good quality heavy lock core, instead of poor quality is very light. Weigh the whole lock. Made of pure copper is made of high quality material such as lock handle heavier, and use the materials such as copper plating lock made relatively light. Better lock body main components ( Inclined tongue tongue, the tongue, insurance, and the internal main fittings and the lock shell) Quality products the main material is 304 stainless steel that is used by the general has the effect of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance strong, and effectively prevent the violent action, such as drilling, strike can be safety to ensure the safety of home. 4 is the core of the anti-theft lock, lock lock core, all only one lock anti-theft lock core, it just like the heart of the people, to the person's whole body is important, indispensable. As long as the lock open, all the locks were opened, and no amount of lock point also useless. Average person buy a lock only see appearance, feel great must be good. Is of good performance of the super class B anti-theft lock core, is a single bead marbles, slider marbles, suspension marbles to interact with double roller super B class lock, with mutual opening rate is low, performance is strong, the technical opening, guard against pry open drilling with keys, etc. But no matter which kind of intelligent anti-theft lock, adopt european-style lock core, instead of brass lock core. We can also from the key to distinguish between the safe level, because the more dentate number keys, or the more special, mutual opening rate is low, lock anti-theft performance. Choose the key tooth depth disparity of lock. Dentate to, suitable, shallow, mutual opening rate is high, the security performance is not good enough. The stand or fall of 5, spring, spring also decides the service life of the lock. If the lock of the spring quality is bad, put his hand to sag, will shorten the life of a lock. Techniques of choose and buy: try the toughness of the spring in the lock, good spring feel is very soft, soft hard moderate. 6, abnormal alarm if the lock is unlocked is good, the bad guys are given a property owner may loss, this is a real problem. So, intelligent locks have abnormal alarm function should be a symbol of the good or bad. Intelligent lock with abnormal alarm functions, generally within three seconds of the abnormal situation in the lock, lock automatically singing sound alarm, to attract the attention of the master, to lock the door when you leave. Conclusion: the above introduction, is to discern the stand or fall of intelligent lock method. Original in addition to these basic aspects, also want to look at the manufacturer's certificate, production license, etc. , the intelligent lock manufacturers, because have these certificates must have is formal manufacturers, their production of products, must have a certain quality assurance.
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