The structure of fingerprint lock

by:Level      2020-08-05
Along with the development of science and technology, intelligent products everywhere, which is used for security door locks and carried out across the change of The Times, came up with the intelligent lock to a great extent, solve the disadvantages of the mechanical locks, it makes people get rid of the dependence on the key, improves security, so smart lock is made of what parts structure, the structure is as follows. The structure of intelligent lock core is inserted by the mechanical parts, electronic board, such as fingerprint readers of parts, cooperation between these components gives more intelligent smart door lock. 1, panel: market intelligence lock panel materials used are: zinc alloy, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, plastic, etc. 2, lock body: the main material is stainless steel lock body, but there are also a few is iron. Lock body is mainly divided into standard lock body with two kinds of non-standard lock body. 3, circuit boards, circuit board is the core of the intelligent lock, circuit board is good or bad directly affect the usability of intelligent lock. 4, motor: the motor is intelligent lock powered motor, power consumption basic are small. When using a password or credit card, fingerprint time will hear the sound of the twist of the motor. 5, handle: handle has a long hand and two round handle, can be different according to individual be fond of. Individual needs to choose different handle to lock. 6, decorative ring: not all the intelligent locks are equipped with a decorative circle, circle in configuration decoration intelligent lock constant energy looks high-end atmosphere, but relative cost will be high. 7, screen: the screen has a white and blue screen, equipped with display of intelligent lock up more intuitive easy to operation, but not all intelligent locks are with display screen. 8, keyboard: intelligent lock keyboard is usually make use of the light reflection to determine the input, the light of the keyboard there are mainly divided into blue and white light two kinds, usually white light reflection can better than blue, the input will be relatively sensitive. 9, fingerprint head: smart fingerprint lock head mainly divided into two kinds, optical fingerprint head and semiconductor fingerprint, generally semiconductor fingerprint head of the price will be higher than that of optical fingerprint, but some recognition points more optical fingerprint head will be more expensive than cheap semiconductor fingerprint head. 10, lock: lock is a smart lock price judgment is an important factor, because of the different levels of the lock core represents the level of security is also different, use super C lock smart locks, machinery on the lock to prevent the technology is more security. 11, battery slot: at present the mainstream of intelligent battery lock the battery slot section 4 and 8 batteries. 12, lock knob: basic all household intelligent locks lock knob will be configured. 13, slide: intelligent lock into slide and without slide ( For straight) Two kinds, with a slide can effectively protect the intelligent operation of intelligent lock lock parts, such as a keyboard, a fingerprint head, display, this is according to different occasions to choose. ​
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